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Online Annie’s Project: January-March 2023

Please join us for the upcoming 2023 Online Annie’s Project. Below are details of the project alongside a link to register for the Online Annie’s Project. The goal of ‘Annie Goes Online: Risk Management on Your Kitchen Table,’ is to educate and train new and aspiring farm women on risk management strategies and provide tools … Read More

Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options for the Northeast, Improving Your Financial Literacy

In March 2022 Annie’s Project held a workshop called Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options for the Northeast, Improving Your Financial Literacy. The workshop was a success with comments from participants like this, “This program was extremely valuable and supportive in my decision to pursue my farming goals.” As part of the workshop, we had … Read More

10 Years of Empowering New Jersey Farmers

Keynote speaker:  Bridget Behe, Professor, Michigan State University Dr. Bridget Behe gives talks to state, regional, and national businesses and associations, helping to better their marketing and management practices to improve profitability and sustainability. Her “Marketing Munchies” website features her 5-15 minute podcasts using research-based information on horticulture marketing , and  can be accessed here … Read More

Farm Business Training for Urban Farmers

This one-day workshop includes: Keynote Speaker John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri. Presentations from ag industry leaders How to write a farm business plan Production and marketing planning Social media marketing training What to produce and why Q & A session with panel of NJ farmers Resources from the workshop