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10 Years of Empowering New Jersey Farmers

Keynote speaker:  Bridget Behe, Professor, Michigan State University

Dr. Bridget Behe gives talks to state, regional, and national businesses and associations, helping to better their marketing and management practices to improve profitability and sustainability. Her “Marketing Munchies” website features her 5-15 minute podcasts using research-based information on horticulture marketing , and  can be accessed here (Connect-2-Consumer) or on a favorite podcast provider. Her recent peer-reviewed publications are also available on this website.

Description of Event

We are excited to be celebrating 10 years of Annie’s Project in New Jersey!  We are having an evening workshop online on November 4th to celebrate and give women farmers information to help manage their farm risks through and post-pandemic from 6PM to 8:30PM.

Our Keynote speaker, Dr. Bridget Behe, Professor and Extension Specialist in Marketing at Michigan State University, will answer the number one question farmers have been asking us, “ How can farmers turn the new customers they got during the pandemic into permanent customers?”  Dr. Brian Schilling, Director of Rutgers Cooperative Extension will address recent direct marketing and agritourism issues.  We will have breakout sessions on the topics of Succession Planning, Marketing, and Production. Finally, we will have a panel of women farmers who will discuss what worked and what they would change.

Workshop Agenda

No charge, but you must register to receive the link to attend the workshop.

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