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2013 Annie’s Project New Jersey Farm Women Conference

Learn from these twenty-four videos from the 2013 Annie’s Project New Jersey Farm Women Conference produced by Jeff Heckman, Program Coordinator for CPE Media Productions. Click Here


2012 Winter Conference Presentations Videos, Schedules, and Handouts

Watch the twenty-four videos of the 2012 Annie’s Project Winter Session Presentations, produced by Jeff Heckman, Program Coordinator for CPE Media Productions. Click Here

2012 Speaker Handouts and Presentations PDFs




Farm Families and the Affordable Care Act

Annie’s Project NJ instructor Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management teamed up with Dr. Roberta Riportella, Kansas Health Foundation Professor of Community Health, to present this webinar. Learn how the ACA affects farm families as individuals, business operators and how it affects their farmworkers.




USDA Section 9007 Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP)

Learn what types of projects are eligible and how to apply.

Renewable Energy for America Program





Impacts of Annie’s Project New Jersey - Six Months After Program Delivery

Presentation by Jenny Carleo during the 2013 Annual Meeting of Northeast Region American Society for Horticultural Science in New Brunswick.

Two major facets unique to the Annie’s Project New Jersey program are the business plan development and the networking, including social media networking instructions.

Through the use of a professional technology team we were able to simultaneously broadcast the course each Monday night via webinar to two other locations. This program was able to connect 75 participants and 24 presenters in three sites throughout the state. Course facilitators at each site communicated using the chat feature of Blackboard Collaborate™ and cell phone texting to coordinate logistics in real-time.

At the onset of the course only 2 out of the 137 women participants had complete farm business plans. As of September 2012, 70 women have indicated farm business plan completion. The follow-up survey six months after the program revealed that the primary reason (31%) offered for not completing the business plan was described as “lack of time.” Although 49% were incomplete, 65.6% indicated that they had “implemented components of their business plan.”

Participants were encouraged to use the University of Minnesota AgPlan website:

In addition to business plan writing, 61.3% of participants, six months after course completion, indicated that they have initiated networking via social media with other participants as a result of the course. 93.5% of respondents revealed that they have shared what they learned in the course.

The program's ability to make permanent changes in behavior is indicated by the additional progress on business plan development and networking and sharing learned knowledge six months after the course. In order for more than 51% of the women to complete a business plan they may need more structured writing time during class when experts and instructors are available for guidance.

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2012 Annie’s Project New Jersey Report

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2011 Annie’s Project New Jersey Winter and Fall Report

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